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We understand that every client has unique requirements and budgets when it comes to interior design services.

To cater to a wide range of clients, we offer pricing options, each tailored to meet specific needs and budgets, find yours below.

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This introduction is ideal for clients who require a basic level of interior design and space planning or budget allocation assistance for their project.

  • Initial consultation: our team will conduct an in-person or virtual meeting to discuss your design goals, project needs, timeline and budget. Analysis of existing space, and understanding any constraints or specific needs.
  • Our interior designer will provide insight and guidance to help you define or refine your overall project direction and goals.
  • The introduction fee can be rolled into any future project package should you decide to upgrade your services with us.

Consult $450


This Concept Development service is suitable for clients who enjoy having an active role in the design process and need guidance in the way of space planning, kitchen, bath cabinet or furniture design and layout. 

  • Similar to the Collaborative Introduction, we'll have an in-depth discussion to understand your design goals, preferences, timelines, and budget.
  • Space planning: Our designers will focus on optimal layouts and functionality of the interior space and provide documentation in the form of 2D floor plans or 3D rendering. Whether it be for a living room, kitchen or bath, you will start to envision your space visually.  
  • Our team can design custom cabinetry solutions to suit your specific kitchen, bath, or storage and aesthetic requirements and provide estimates.

Starting at $2,500 per room


Consider us your trusted partner, with a more attentive approach, we’ll guide you throughout the entire process, offering expert advice, coordinating with contractors, offering customized documents, and overseeing the project’s progress. 

  • In addition to the elements offered in collaborative introduction and concept development we will offer a vision board as well as a more in-depth specification of materials. 
  • With our expertise we will guide you through the process of selecting furniture, cabinetry, fixtures, finishes, and materials as well as lighting recommendations and wall treatments.
  • Project coordination: Our team will oversee the entire project, coordinating with contractors, suppliers, and artisans to ensure a seamless execution.
  • Receive detailed and customized documents that include technical drawings, notes, and other preliminary plans required for obtaining permits and guiding contractors from implementation through execution.

Pricing for this package is based on the size and complexity of the project.  

Starting at $4,500


Wysteria Design offers a Top Tier service, which provides construction management services to clients who are in need of a more individualized and tailored approach. With this service, you can anticipate a personal, full scale experience that considers your unique aesthetic preferences and lifestyle requirements.

This package is perfect for clients building new construction or large additions and remodels. It includes all the services mentioned in the Premium Package, along with architectural services and project oversight.

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