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"it was critical to have someone that we could trust" - LR

We hired Becky to manage the process of renovating our primary bathroom and to turn one ‘jack and jill’ into a master bath and a guest – no small feat considering the modest footprint of the available space. We had intended to hire Becky to help solely with all of the materials and aesthetic decisions, but when we got a crummy layout plan and a clearly bloated price quote from one of the prominent, well-respected companies in the region, we turned to her for the design itself.

Her visualization of the space made perfect sense, and she found creative ways to insure that we weren’t simply splitting one bathroom in half but rather creating two separate, fully functional, comfortable spaces. Becky has a terrific decorating eye and she is ahead of the curve on trends, which helped us avoid some pitfalls that couples like us experience during their first renovation experience when trying to keep the budget in check.

With the both of us having jobs and lives that go far beyond the edges of a typical 9-to-5, it was critical to have someone that we could trust to make decisions in our place, to manage the construction team and offer advice, and to generally do the dirty work that we didn’t have the time to do. Becky is not only completely trustworthy and reliable, but a ray of sunshine in a frequently chaotic environment as well.

My husband is the CEO of a small business in the arts sector, and we are acutely aware of how important it is to effectively manage money, time, and temperament, and we were consistently impressed with Becky’s skills and talents with both people and the work itself. Highly recommended.

"professional, experienced, reliable, and full of creative energy" - WP

"always made me feel like I was her most important customer" - LL

"excellent communicator" - KL

"the remodel involved a complete teardown" - KM