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Organic Bathroom

This is what happens when you have really awesome clients who are open minded, have great taste and you combine them with really talented craftsmen and woman who can take your vision and run with it.

When Shawn from Credible Construction and I first walked into this bathroom it was covered from the floor and up the walls in mosaic tile. That doesn't sound too awful except the tile was from the 70's and it was mustard in color.

The bathroom originally had 2 entrances to it and a wall from floor to ceiling to the left of the vanity. For privacy reasons, since this is the master bathroom, we decided to take out one of the entrances and turn it into a much needed open shelving closet area where the homeowners can store their laundry, towels, and toiletries.

Adding the closet meant we had to turn the toilet 90 degrees but it was worth it and we're happy we did. After that it was time to take down the wall near the vanity and add a barn door to the bedroom to open up the space completely.

The shower is tiled with an aged looking 3 x 6 subway and Shawn's crew built our custom hardwood bench made of a tropical hardwood known as, Iroko.

The mirror and shelving in the linen closet are also custom built along with the custom concrete counter top. It has a tall 9" backsplash with single lever wall mounted faucets. The countertop adds an amazing organic feel as it adorns a knotty alder black walnut vanity. Be sure to check out the towel holder incorporated onto the side of the countertop!

We couldn't be happier with the results of this North Andover master bathroom project and we thank everyone involved.

North Andover Bathroom Project